Dr. Laquita Rhone
1120 West Pioneer Parkway
Arlington, Texas 76013

1120 West Pioneer Parkway
Arlington, Texas 76013

Superb Dental Services

A Comprehensive Approach to Dentistry

At Apple Dental Center in Arlington, TX we understand the importance of a healthy beautiful smile and that’s why we offer a variety of dental services for the entire family including children, adults, and seniors.

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We Care Like Your Family

Excellent oral care is for everyone. Regardless of who you are, you deserve only the right dental solutions. For all your oral care needs, turn to our family-oriented dental practice. We consider our patients to be an extension of our families, making it a priority to provide not just quality dental treatment but also safe and personal care.

Try Our Safe and Effective Services

Dental treatments do not have to stress you out. Besides being truly worth the effort and cost, they also yield results that are sure to make you feel grateful for life. For safe and effective dental services, call us. We can provide sedation or use nitrous oxide during your treatment.